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We are a family owned and operated company built on providing reliable service with quality technicians.  We use a wide variety of respected products that are highly effective. We are also proud to offer green products that are all natural and great for vegetable gardens. Each service is ensured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our licensed and bonded technicians have cutting-edge experience for residential and commercial extermination. Lakeside Pest Control professionals enjoy their job and it is evident in their promptness, cleanliness and attention to detail.



Lakeside Pest Control is a non-termite pest and management company. We use a variety of products including our eco-friendly, green line to remove insects from your home and off your property entirely. Each technician takes time to assess each property and communicate a plan of action most effective. Each treatment comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to be bug free for up to 60 days. 


We offer free assessments and inspections 6 days a week. During the assessment a technician can assist in finding out what pest problems you have and how we can best serve you. Mention our website, or schedule through the website and we will take $20 off any first time service. As a pest management company we make the "de bugging" process easy for you. 

Here are some common pests in the Inland Empire area that we can remove quickly and effectively. 

Ants are a leading problem in the Inland Empire area.  As pest experts we have the most effective solutions to ensure they stay off your property and away from your food supply.

Roaches can carry several diseases wherever they go. Additionally, each female can carry 50 eggs of each gender. This is why they breed at rapid rates. Call us immediately to prevent a complete infestation. 

Bees and wasps can be a seasonal issue and need tending to periodically.  Our 24/7 availability allows us to serve you for urgent situations.

Flea bites can be stressful for animals and people.  They often carry tape worms that can be transfered to pets and pet owners. We offer special organic green products to use safely around all your loved ones. 

Spiders can be dangerous especially for children and elderly adults.  Let us prevent bites and reactions from these critters. 

Earwigs or the "pincher bug" is a very common nuisance in Southern California and can devastate a beautiful garden. We can help with that. 

Rodents can cause very expensive and sometimes dangerous problems.  Let us provide a long term solution for you.

We provide pest control for all non-termite related situations.  Call us so we can advise a solution that accommodates your individual needs. 


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Over 30 years experience in reliable, non-termite, pest management for commercial and residential properties.

PO. Box 1278

Lake Elsinore, California 92531

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